Beginner Level: White Belt, 1st level

Beginner Level: White Belt, 1st level

A total of 7 videos covering all the fundamentals you need to succeed in your karate fitness training. This is the starting point for everyone! Remember, when you begin your second month you'll have access to weekly 40-minute classes. Practice the techniques contained in these 7 videos and get ready to use them during your first class!

Beginner Level: White Belt, 1st level
  • 1-White Belt Basic Stances

    At attention, ready, defensive stances

  • 2-White Belt Blocks

    Upper block and down block

  • 3- White Belt Strikes

    Traditional punch to the solarpexus, palm heel strike, front and back punch combo (and descending hammer fist thrown in!)

  • 4-White Belt Kicks

    Knee kick, groin kick, front kicks, round kicks. Plus practice on the ballet bar.

  • 8-White Belt Form

    White Belt form broken down in counts and at full cadence. Techniques used include punches, forward leaning stance and down block.

    You should learn and practice all forms in this order:

  • 9-Drills for White Belt Form

    Drills for stances and turns found in White Belt form including forward leaning stance, down block.

  • White Belt Form

    White Belt Form performed at correct cadence.